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Jumping love ♥

About Me
Yuriko. 92 line.
Most of my post are f-lock.
Hey! Say! Jump fan since December 2008.
I would like to make friends with people who shares the same interest as me.
I do not accept random adding thus I would appreciate it if you take a look at this first before adding me.
Thank you and I'll be looking forward to becoming friends with you.
Resource Credit
haruyama5993 (Scans used for LJ Header & FO Banner)

daniranger @ devianart (Icon texture used)
coby17 @ devianart (Splatter brush used)
minty_peach (Tiny icon used)
 photo 330_zps61c1104a.gif (Tiny icon used)
Stylesheet from Fruitstyle designs
Profile code from ribbonized